Cultivating Care

Cultivating Care considers the many meanings of care in the practice of (historical) interpretation and the practices of health and medical treatment.

An installation of Medical Series, featuring several cabinets and vitrines.

Julie Gough. Medical Series (Installation View). 1994. Series held by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist.

These images are difficult to view, they perpetuate damage. While care appears at the center of medical practice, it is not often the focus of visual and historical interpretation. How can we reorientate our approaches, and address these histories in ways that centralize care instead? How can these approaches help us redesign our understanding of health and medical care now? The COVID-19 pandemic has centralized the issue of health inequity in a new way. But racial disparities in healthcare and medical racism are issues that have a much longer history, and a much wider impact on the health, treatment, and wellbeing of Indigenous, Black, and Brown individuals and communities across the globe. How can we engage these histories so that we see each other differently, and create new futures of care and value?


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