Title: Page from George Gliddon and Josiah Nott, Types of Mankind: Or, Ethnological Researches, Based Upon the Ancient Monuments, Paintings, Sculptures, and Crania of Races, and Upon Their Natural, Geographical, Philological and Biblical History, 10th ed. (Philadelphia, PA: Lippencott & Co., 1871), 458-459.


Date: 1871; Book first published in 1854

Source: U.S National Library of Medicine-National Institutes of Health

Copyright/Permissions: Public Domain

References: Stone, Andrea. Black Well-Being: Health and Selfhood in Antebellum Black Literature. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2016. Bindman, David. Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the 18th Century. London: Reaktion, 2002.

Location(s): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


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