Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

A monochrome engraving showing a neoclassical building. The building is composed of three two-story pavillions, which are linked by long one-story covered walkways or hypens. The building is shown against a cloudy sky, and three elaborately-dressed figures stand in front of the buildings with their backs to the viewer. The building it labeled LONDON FEVER HOSPITAL, and there is sideways text on the right side of the image about the image's place in a magazine. The text is 390 THE BUILDER AUGUST 12, 1848.

Title:  London Fever Hospital, Liverpool Road, Islington

Artist/Maker: C. D. Laing, after Charles Fowler

Date: 1848

Source: Wellcome Collection

Copyright/Permissions: London Fever Hospital, Liverpool Road, Islington: viewed from the north. Wood engraving by C. D. Laing, 1848. Wellcome CollectionPublic Domain Mark

Location(s): Islington, London, United Kingdom

Art Hx