Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

Etched print with hand applied colors showing a frog gradually changing into a human head. The changes are quantified into 12 steps, with each step being shown as a numbered part of the grid. There is text above and below the image in German. Translated into the English, is says Sequence from the Frog's up to Apollo's Profile above the image. Below the image it says Exectued and published in Basel by Christian von Mechel after Lavater's famous ideas.

Title:  Twelve Stages in the Sequence from the Head of a Frog to the Head of a Primitive Man

Artist/Maker: Christian von Mechel after Johannes Caspar Lavater

Date: 1797

Source: Wellcome Collection

Copyright/Permissions: Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a frog to the head of a primitive man. Coloured etchings by Christian von Mechel after J.C. Lavater, 1797. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark 1.0

References: David Bindman, Ape to Apollo (Ithaca: Cornell U.P., 2002), 209–21.

Location(s): Basel, Switzerland

Art Hx