Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

An interior. Two figures sit on chairs, while a third reclines on the floor in front of them. The seated figures wear blue coats and the reclining figure wears a yellow striped coat. The seated figures are operating on the thrid figure's proper right arm. A bookshelf with books and jars hangs on the rear wall of the room. Below this is stamped: Silas Cummings Practice August 1830

Title: Doctor Operating, Frontispiece for Silas Cummings’ Notebook

Artist/Maker: Possibly Silas Cummings

Date: probably 1824–1830

Source: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Copyright/Permissions: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Museum Purchase.

Location(s): Fitzwilliam, New Hampsire, USA

Art Hx