The Art Hx Database

Disturbing images appear in this database (including images of deceased people). These images document serious harm and have been deployed to reinforce racist structures and perpetuate prejudice. We show these images to understand the historical structures that must be dismantled to build more equitable systems of care and to offer critical perspectives. We do not endorse the use of these images to propagate or justify any forms of discrimination or violence (based on ability, caste, class, gender, race, religion, sex, sexuality, etc.).

The database we have created for this site contains objects we have published with permission from the museums, archives and artists studios in which they are housed. We have included copyright information and links to these sites with each entry. We have also indicated when images are in the public domain and free to use, republish and modify. However we cannot grant or deny permissions for the material on this website. If you require further permissions information or higher resolution images you may contact the institutions and artists directly using the links we have provided.

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