Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

A satirical cartoon of a woman wearing a yellow and white dress and a large white bonnet. She sits in a pink chair and reads a page of text. On her left side are a bed and a table with a green tablecloth that is covered in various bottles and cooking implements. She uses her right hand to stir a pot that is bubbling over in a fireplace. The fire beneath the pot is out of control. Various bottles and boxes are strewn across the floor. A cat and dog try to reach a white parrot, who sits atop a wooden perch.

Title: Recipe for Corns

Artist/Maker: George Cruikshank

Date: March 31, 1819

Source: Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University

Copyright/Permissions: George Cruikshank, Recipe for Corns, 1819. Etching, colored. London: Published by G. Humphrey. 27 St James’s Street. March 31, 1819.

Location(s): 27 St. James’s Street, London, England


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