Art Hx: Visual and Medical Legacies of British Colonialism

A hand-colored engraving showing a long, low building beneath a blue sky. The building is two storys and is buff-colored with a red roof. The building is composed of several bays or pavillions. There are several cupolas on top of this building, but church spires from the city of London also show above the roof line. There is a green lawn in front of the building, which is encircled by a fence. In front of this fence is a larger ornamental garden with carefully shaped dark green trees and little white fences. This is bisected by a large tan road, on which many figures in colorful clothes walk. Below the image is the following text: The Hospital of Bethlehem. L'Hospital de Fou. Printed for John Bowles & Son, at the Black Horse in Cornhill.

Title:The Hospital of Bethlem [Bedlam] at Moorfields, London

Artist/Maker: John Bowles and Son

Date: ca. 1750

Source: Wellcome Collection

Copyright/Permissions: The Hospital of Bethlem [Bedlam] at Moorfields, London: seen from the north, with people in the foreground. Coloured engraving, ca. 1750. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark.

Location(s): Moorfields, London, EnglandĀ 

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